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Molico's Strategic Advisory division operates around three key tenets of Analytics, Intelligence and Communications, which it believes are essential to understanding, planning and execution of all successful operations in a commercial environment. Utilising sound mission planning and robust execution strategies, Molico offers a range of services to support your business activities both now and into the future, including:

  • Market research
  • Ideas pack generation
  • Go To Market strategy & planning
  • Project management & execution
  • Product representation & marketing
  • Procurement reviews & negotiations
  • Public perception surveys & strategy
  • Competitor insight & activity research
  • Intra-company section efficiency reviews
  • Product structure, offering & pricing strategy
  • End to end process reviews & improvement strategies
  • Risk identification & mitigation strategy development

Following the global pandemic of COVID-19, Molico's Corporate Performance division can assist you to highlight business units within your organisation that may be leveraged, restructured or divested with a view to boosting the bottom line to support rapid regrowth.

With some businesses suffering material loss during these unprecedented times, it is imperative that any post-pandemic actions are taken to realise as much fiscal potential as possible. Just because a business has not made you money in recent months, does not mean that someone else will not be willing to obtain any IP rights, infrastructure or proven procedures to start something of their own.

Most importantly, the messaging, image and credibility of any business will determine how successfully it can recover, or be restructured, to take full advantage of renewed market activity and opportunities. This is where Molico's wealth of experience with past clients, across a wide range of sectors comes to the fore. We can advise on strategy, execute internal and external communications and assist your commercial operation after it has restarted, ensuring the best possible opportunity for ongoing success and profitability.

The best part is our billing structure. Moving through Restructure & Turnaround events can lead to equal parts of trepidation and excitement. Either way, the fiscal obligations should not be the largest element of focus in such activities. To ensure this, Molico is able to tailor a payment plan that is linked to a desired outcome or business growth goal. This makes your business goals, our business success.

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