Molico reminds businesses about the importance of quality Public Relations services as COVID becomes the new normal.

September 29, 2020 Canberra, ACT.

Every business wants their services or products to be portrayed in the best possible light. Every Public Relations and Communications company will claim to be very good at their job and tell any potential client that they can do what needs to be done to get a great outcome. Read more

Molico becomes major shareholder in Australian Aerospace Corporation Pty. Ltd.

July 25, 2019 Canberra, ACT.

With a strong history of aerospace consulting in multiple countries, Molico Pty. Ltd. has sought to leverage its’ experience and exposure through becoming a major shareholder in a quality aerospace organisation. Read more

Molico acquires all assets and interests in the Premier X Group of businesses.

April 25, 2019 Canberra, ACT.

After several years and multiple pivots, the Premier X Group of businesses, operating as a co-operative group across Cyber, Consulting, Logistics and Media, have been wound up, with all remaining assets and rights secured by Molico Pty. Ltd. Read more

Molico becomes registered Federal Government lobbyists.

Feb 2, 2019 Canberra,

Following the successful acquisition of STACT CINTEL and associated IP, Molico Pty Ltd has secured its first piece of lobbyist work, prompting the organisation to register as such with the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office. Read more

Molico acquires Business Flyer.

May 17, 2018 Canberra, ACT.

Molico Pty. Ltd. today announced a full acquisition of the corporate networking and travel advisory group, Business Flyer. Read more

Molico becomes Australian Media and Logistics Manager for Airfeet Insoles.

Feb 17, 2018 Sydney, NSW.

Molico Pty. Ltd. Has today announced an arrangement whereby it will become the Australasian Media and Logistics Manager for Airfeet Insoles. Read more

Molico launches Molico Public Relations.

March 1, 2016 Sydney, NSW.

With many clients seeking to raise their public presence across Australia, Molico has taken the opportunity to launch a Public Relations service to assist its clients achieve their desired outcomes. Read more

Molico appointed Australian Representative for Blue Inc Corp. (US).

January 15, 2016 Sydney, NSW.

Molico has entered into an agreement to represent Blue Inc Corp in Australasia, providing geographic growth for the international aerospace supply chain specialist organisation. Read more

Molico awarded international procurement contract from Yamaha Motor Australia.

September 1, 2015 Wetherill Park, NSW.

Molico will provide support to YMA in the acquisition of unique goods and services for a short term bespoke international program. Utilising Molico’s extensive experience in supply chain establishment, management and refinement on a global scale to ensure cost effective and timely acquisition of goods and services will assist Yamaha in achieving their program goals in an area of sourcing that is not traditionally within their area of expertise.

Molico is LAUNCHED! 

April 23, 2014 Sydney, NSW.

Following a restructure of the Renson group of companies, Molico Pty. Ltd. has launched, offering corporate consulting services to former Renson Grey clients across Sydney and Melbourne. Read more