Molico is Launched!

Molico is Launched!

April 23, 2014 Sydney, NSW. Molico is LAUNCHED! 

Following a restructure of the Renson group of companies, Molico Pty. Ltd. has launched, offering corporate consulting services to former Renson Grey clients across Sydney and Melbourne.

With a desire to break out specialised services for more substantial growth, the former business activities of Renson Grey, except for legal services, have been transferred to the new entity of Molico Pty. Ltd. Some staff will stay with their existing portfolios of work, however the main business focus – and head office – will now shift out of Melbourne to Sydney, to better capture business opportunities in a larger market.

Mike Johnson, Managing Director for Molico, explained the transition:

“Whilst the Renson Group of Companies was well known and performing admirably, the loss of material revenue across the apparel and food lines of business meant a restructure was required to ensure the longevity of the broader group. Further, some of the Group companies were becoming attractive to buyers and other entities, so we decided to effectively split the group, whilst maintaining the core functions of consulting, communications and data analysis in the core to better server those groups of clients. 

Molico Pty. Ltd. And all its employees, shareholders and directors alike are looking forward to making a smooth transition, whilst retaining client trust and engaging further opportunities.