Importance of Quality PR

The Importance of Quality Public Relations

Molico remind business about importance of quality Public Relations services as COVID becomes the new normal.

September 29, 2020 Canberra, ACT.

Every business wants their services or products to be portrayed in the best possible light. Every Public Relations and Communications company will claim to be very good at their job and tell any potential client that they can do what needs to be done to get a great outcome.

Take for example, the agency that does it all and knows ‘everybody’ in the industry. Do they actually have good relationships with every contact in the media industry? Maybe, maybe not. Will they only push out media to portals that attract a very specific audience for your goods or services, to ensure value for money? Maybe. Will they have information published or broadcast somewhere that is ‘not quite the right fit’, but bolsters the numbers so they can justify charging that little bit extra each month?

Finally, do you deal with very young people, or get ‘sold’ by one mature person in the industry who then passes along all the work to very junior people – or do you not even know who is handling your corporate image in the business you have engaged?

Well, all of these questions and situations lead to the introduction of Molico's Public Relations practice. Any business that needs to have a sound reputation management system in place as they adapt to the new normal of operating in a COVID impacted environment needs to have sound, mature, effective PR and communications in the market place. Any press releases should be concise and written in a way that will attract the type of audience that the business desires. Having poorly worded articles and opinion pieces is one of the quickest ways to destroy credibility.

Social networking is also a medium that must be carefully utilised. Why? Because it is not just a medium for people to be educated about a product or service. It is not a call to action, nor a simple advertisement. What it does is allow people to cast opinion, in public, about your business. Many companies in the past have suffered from negative public opinion via this very easy medium.

Public Relations and Communications is different. It is a world of creating and managing public opinion. It is convincing others that they should have a belief in the company being represented. This is where the worlds of advertising and PR diverge. Most people know when they are being sold to. Surely a message about this widget or that service, highlighting why it is good, where you can get it and how it makes your life better is an advert that asks people to look up a website, call a number or visit a retailer to purchase what they have seen? Yes.

PR and comms is not advertising. It is the world of creating positive perceptions in a way that makes people understand the value of the business behind the product or service.

This difference highlights the fundamental shift in understanding between an advertising agency and a PR/Comms agency. In ad land, they need to know about the product or service – what is its point of differentiation, why should people buy it? When the product line, promotion period or trend ends, the ad agency needs to move on to the next one. A PR/Comms agency though needs to know about the business. Who is behind it, why are they doing this, what are their goals and what does the business stand for? It is a much more holistic approach that supports the business for a much longer term and also creates longevity and belief in the business, so that should a particular product or service not be to the public’s liking, they still have an underlying belief in the business.

This is why every business needs a PR/Comms company that is aligned with its offerings.

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