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Molico Becomes Major Shareholder in Australian Aerospace Corporation

Molico becomes major shareholder in Australian Aerospace Corporation Pty. Ltd.

July 25, 2019 Canberra,  ACT.

With a strong history of aerospace consulting in multiple countries, Molico Pty. Ltd. has sought to leverage its experience and exposure through becoming a major shareholder in a quality aerospace organisation.

 Australian Aerospace Corporation Pty. Ltd. Has a unique background, working primarily in unmanned system development and integrations across several countries including the U.S. and Europe, which made them an ideal partner to complement the existing suite of Molico’s aerospace consulting. 

In addition, Molico Pty. Ltd. owns the IP rights to several novel aerospace products, including safety and propulsion systems, making this investment an obvious choice. Also, both companies presently supply to the United Nations General Marketplace and have an Australian Defence Industry presence dating back several years.

All Molico aerospace services will transfer to Australian Aerospace Corporation, whilst goods and IP shall remain with Molico.


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